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Firstly, we deal and can supply just over 9 different grades of ferrous scrap. Also, we handle and deal with quantity ranging from 200MT – 500MT per Month by containers at any given point in time. We constantly are working towards providing our clients with a quality product, so they receive material to their correct specifications.
Free from mud, dust, fluff, non ferrous inclusions, excessive rust and other impurities. Free from war and explosives, shells, cartridges, other arms and ammunitions used or otherwise and any closed containers. Free from any radioactive materials, any harmful chemicals, substances, and coatings, any organic waste and any other
harmful substances. Dirt, dust rust, fluff and other impurities not allowed over 1%.

Ferrous-Metals we deal with

Plate & Girder Scrap: ISRI Spec – 232,
HMS 1&2 (80/20): ISRI Spec – 202/203,
Used Rails: ISRI R50-R65, 
Shredded Steel: ISR Spec – 210/211, 
Steel Turnings: ISRI Spec – 219/221, 
Compressed Steel Sheets, 
Steel Cans: ISRI Spec – 213, 
Cast Iron: ISRI Spec – 252